Aviation Display Technology

Date: 26/08/2022

Aviation is not the biggest driver for display technologies rather it adopts new technologies developed for the commercial and domestic markets for its use in aviation. The latest technology that is gaining widespread recognition is Micro LED.

What are Micro LEDs?

The Micro LED definition is often referred to as LEDs that are 50um or smaller in size. It is these LEDs that are going to be the mainstay of visual display technology in the next few years and likely to be incorporated into aviation displays in the next 5 years.


Why choose Micro LEDs?

These Micro LEDs provide a number of enhancements over LCD and OLED technologies such as increased brightness, longer life-span, lower power-consumption, wider viewing angles, and a greater contrast.

Couple the development of flexible PCBs and the bonding of Micro LED to these flexible substrates will result in displays that can be modular and contoured to curved surfaces such as those found in aviation cockpits.

To add to this innovation, haptic feedback screen overlays will result in highly customisable, high brightness, active feedback display screen solutions.

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