Industrial LCD for CRT replacement

CRT displays have been obsolete technology for some time.  KME has an in-house solution to this issue, providing a drop-in plug and play upgrade LCD display which is a fit form and functional replacement.

Our solutions fit like-for-like both mechanically and electronically and are compatible with the majority of legacy signals.  KME offer both standard and custom designs on our LCD CRT replacement monitors.

We are able to provide a complete custom CRT replacement. Using the skills of our mechanical designers, we can completely build your replacement from the ground up so that your replacement looks and feels seamless, also future-proofing your hardware for years to come.


The 29LV series offer the replacement of only the CRT, whilst the 29LW series replaces the CRT and chassis. The simple metal chassis is designed to fit comfortably within the existing CRT space envelope. Combined with the 29LV and 29LW ranges, we also offer a 29LK range which is a basic OEM kit. Rack mount and desktop versions are also available.

  • Legacy Pixel Transformer

To solve worldwide Legacy Display problems, the legacy pixel transformer connects any signal, of any pixel resolution and converts it into a crisp, stable image on a modern TFT monitor. The signal is converted and the output is made through DVI connectors. ABB MOD300, Siemens WF470, GEM 80 and many other legacy timing formats are stored in the LPT.


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