Quality Assurance

At KME, we take the quality of our displays very seriously.

We are ISO 9001 2015 accredited and follow stringent processes to ensure that our displays remain the best in their class.

We maintain a Quality Management System (QMS) in order to continually improve our procedures and processes. This involves all staff members who are individually responsible for the quality of their work.

Every member of our team is encouraged to make suggestions to improve all aspects of our working practices on a regular basis.

Our Production Team is supported every step of the way and is issued with a complete build guide with detailed instructions to follow in order to ensure accuracy and continuity. This build guide is an example:

Main build procedure


Each production team member signs off each part of the process on completion.

We have standard operating procedures for both design and production to ensure that all points of the design brief are met.


view our Production flow chart


view our Design control flow chart


This is an example of the Factory Acceptance Test that is used by our Quality Team during the QA process. These documents can be amended based on the specific requirements of your project.


view of example of a FAT plan.