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We request your co-operation in studying the following terms and conditions applicable to the conduct of business.

The words "copyright © 2000-2011" on any KME page within this website mean that all information, designs, photographs relating to KME products are the copyright of Kent Modular Electronics Limited. Prospective users of KME products are authorised to download information for the sole purpose of obtaining a better understanding of the fitness for purpose of the products. No other reproduction of this material is authorised without our express permission.

All information contained in the KME website is intended for reference only and was compiled in good faith in relation to its accuracy at the time of publication. KME reserves the right to modify the information and design of any product herein without prior notification. No information here shall be the basis of any contract without express agreement in writing. Prospective users are requested to verify the status and continuing availability of any product before commencing detailed design-in work.

Where this website allows fast access to the website of a third party, it shall be understood that KME has no control over the content of the other site(s) and makes no representation about the fitness for the purpose of any product, or accuracy of information attaching to that product.

Limitation of Liability.
KME shall not be liable for any consequential damages, whether direct or indirect, to any individual, business or corporation, resulting from the use of this website, or any other linked web site, howsoever any loss occurs.

We may store details of responders to our web site on a database whose sole purpose will be to provide you with details of products within the KME web site. Such information will not be divulged to a third party or made available for communication purposes outside of KME unless we are legally required to do so. KME shall not be deemed to be in possession of confidential information from you unless it was transmitted by non-electronic means and acknowledged, prior to receipt, that it was confidential.

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