Close Combat Symposium (TOR1)

Date: 30/08/2017

We are excited to introduce TOR1 to the Customer! At this event, we had direct engagement with the end user.  This allowed ITDU and ATDU to get hands on this new technology and to put some rounds down range.  The general feedback was that the system certainly has a credible capability offering to a number of applications.  A number of useful scenarios were suggested to us by the soldiers and officers at the event, for example, we were told that a relaxed viewing while onboard a vehicle allowing the operator to engage faster as well as being able to have better situational awareness would be an advantage. Another suggestion was to detach the display from the optic and the weapon system and it would be ideal to support a sniper and spotter team.

Known as the Thermal Optic Relaxed viewing display or TOR1, the display connects directly with a thermal optic on a weapon system and allows the operator to engage targets without having to sit right up behind the optic, perfect for use in ground vehicles, helicopter door gunners and naval vessel gun stations. We have tested the (TOR1) on a 7.62mm GPMG as well as a 50cal and it performed perfectly.