Successfully passing through a preliminary design review for Crowsnest

Date: 12/12/2017

We have successfully passed through a preliminary design review for the equipment that we are providing into the Crowsnest programme, working closely with our customer (Thales Defence Mission systems) to ensure success.  This project so far has proven that we have an agile and responsive design team. Working on this helicopter project has allowed us to add many new strings to our bow, as we have recently designed our own proprietary EMC compliant multi touch, touch screen technology.

At KME, we are very proud to be a part of such an important project as Crowsnest.

Crowsnest is part of the UK’s future aircraft carrier capability, which will deliver two Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers and fifth generation Lightning II fast jets to operate from them across the world. The Thales solution is an updated, improved and repackaged role-fit version of the Cerberus tactical sensor suite currently in service on the Sea King Mk 7 helicopter. The design comprises of a single mechanically scanned radar head which uses an innovative system to provide 360 degree visibility from the underside of the helicopter, and which folds up to the side of the aircraft when not in operation.