Customers Demonstrating Tailored Designed KME Equipment

Date: 11/09/2018

It is great to see a number of our customers demonstrating the equipment that we have designed with them, either on their stands or in one case mounted to a vehicle that was being driven around a test track.  It was great to see all the old faces and to have met some new ones.

This image shows a driver display that we had recently delivered to our customer, RFEL. We have supplied RFEL with a number of displays for their TRAILBLAZER driver system. This proved to be an impressive piece of equipment and we were fortunate enough to witness it in action being trialled in a vehicle at DVD.


TRAILBLAZER improves driver and crew effectiveness by extending the view beyond the daylight spectrum, even in adverse weather, obscured or low-light conditions. Featuring very low-latency front and rear video camera units, it aids the driver in terrain negotiation, obstacle avoidance and route selection. Independent wide-angle situational awareness channel outputs give both crew and commander a powerful surveillance and threat detection capability. TRAILBLAZER is GVA compliant and has both digital and analogue variants making it easy to integrate on a wide range of platforms.