Innovation, Forward as One

Date: 12/12/2022

At KME, we have worked on many projects over the last 46 years answering customer requirements and delivering against pre-defined statements of work driven by the end user for land air and sea. In recent years we have found that our technical reach in display technology often exceeds the demands from the customer.
After listening carefully to the end users and their appetite for innovation, we have started to offer a more streamlined and direct method of working that steps away from the general approach of answering flowed down requirements. This allows KME, as a subject matter expert of Military displays, to inform the end users and Tier one contractors on the best display solution for their platforms needs either land, air or sea.
We have recently started to provide a new concept called simply (TEAM) with a handful of new programmes which has been proving to be very successful.
Team is Broken into the below Acronym:



To break these down:
We offer a truly open and informative approach including the financial side of the product development and the costs associated with the project. This allows the customer to team with KME under a memorandum of understanding and to bring our team forward as the SME of display technology.  This also means that Spiral development can take place in the fastest and most efficient fashion working Hand in glove with the customer, end user and other industry partners to bring forward the best technology available in the industry.
Fast development with a collaborative approach with the customer. We utilise our in house test facilities so we are able to assess the teams' electronic systems during the development phases to ensure rapid development and innovation. as we bring everyone together we are able to have competent people driving good informed design decisions at a system level.
KME has an unusually advanced supply chain that allows for the development of our suppliers’ products in the same manner as the KME (TEAM) concept, making our collaborative systems truly at the forefront of technological innovations.  At KME we have an entirely separate arm to our engineering team who’s mandate is 100% forward thinking and seeks emerging technology from horizon scanning 2-5 years into the future to seek to make an effect sooner within our current programmes.
At KME we have a fully integrated solution that has a wealth of knowledge behind it. Our team has SME’s in each element of the product development and delivery cycle including all of the supporting activities, for example, we offer Safety critical design and airworthy accreditation of our systems and our industry partners. Our approach is also mature on the basis that we see long term relationships as the key to everyone’s success.
Our aim is to continue to put the best display technology in the hands of the war fighter in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

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Innovation, Forward as one!