NVIS Compliant Displays At The International Armoured Vehicle Conference

Date: 18/01/2018

January 2018 - We have recently successfully attended the International Armoured Vehicle Conference in London, this was a very successful show for us and allowed us to show our NVIS compliant displays designed for dismounted troops working with and around AFV’s.



NVIS compliant displays are more regularly seen in the cockpits of aircraft so that the pilots night vision googles aren’t flared by the brightness of the display.  We have now taken this technology and used it within smaller portable devices for troops on the ground to use an array of man portable technology.  As the night vision technology improves, the displays keep up.

We were also demonstrating our large format display solution multiplexing 4 images all at the same time designed for BMS or JTACs positioned in a command and control vehicle.