Introducing Ultra and KME: Transforming The Delivery of GVA Systems

Date: 18/12/2023

Earlier this year, Ultra PCS launched its newly developed Electronic Architecture Kit (UltraEAK) – a modular hardware and software solution to implement mission systems onboard new and legacy military land vehicles.  Whilst modular hardware approaches to vehicle electronic architectures are not new, Ultra PCS’ innovative approach to deliver a modular and scalable Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) software solution,  UltraPGI, represents a leap forward in terms of open systems.

Leveraging an open software interface, the UltraPGI software can be easily extended and upgraded offering military vehicle OEMs and end users a means to cost-effectively deliver platform upgrades through spiral acquisition, whilst simultaneously bridging between non-GVA and GVA systems maximising reuse of both hardware and software.  Combining the modular approach to hardware as well as software, new technologies can also be rapidly integrated to maintain competitive advantage on the battlefield.

KME is proud to be one of the early integration partners, offering our industry leading range of display screen equipment to support the development, demonstration and deployment of the UltraEAK solution to future customers in the UK and internationally.

KME is offering an array of display options for armoured platforms including Full GVA capability. 

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