KME Launches The ROIR System To The Defence World

Date: 18/12/2023

The KME team decided to use the much-awaited Future Soldier Technology Conference in Central London to officially launch the next generation of battlefield illumination technology – Introducing our Remote Operated Infra-Red Tactical Markers.

Designed to both mimic and enhance the form and function of traditional chemical glowsticks, but adding greatly increased capability with the integration of cutting-edge (IR) Led technology, these devices offer unparalleled versatility and reliability for various applications in the land, sea and air domains. 

Watch our product video below:

Key Features:


  • Innovative Design: Available in both traditional glowstick and “puck” formats offering choice to the user on which will best support their operation, both being sleek, compact, easily deployable and user friendly in operation, for use in any environment. Utilising current in service battery options and optimising the power consumption of both controller and device the system can be used operationally for prolonged periods without the need for battery resupply.


  • Remote Control: Command up to three ROIR products wirelessly using an intelligent methodology of encrypted secure command signal with a range of up to 200m in an urban environment. 


  • Easy Sychronisation: Each device can be easily synchronised and desynchronised with the controller unit allowing for swift re-tasking and cross use operations. 


  • Durable Construction: All RIOR products are built to withstand extreme conditions, with an operating range of -40°C to +60°C and an IP68 Rating for water and dust resistance. 


  • Multi-Domain Deployment: Suitable for use in the most extreme operational environments on land, at sea and in the air, including dive-able and parachute-compatible designs ensuring complete versatility. 


  • Horizon Scan / Future Capabilities: Future enhancements may include the ability to command RIOR devices from a mobile app, the introduction of further IR equipped illumination devices (Assault Lights / Landing Lights / Beacons) and integration with proximity sensors to further enhance the capability to the end user.