KME at IAV 2024: A Showcase of Innovation, Partnerships, and Integrations

Date: 18/12/2023

We are thrilled to share the success story of KME at IAV 2024, where innovation, collaboration and groundbreaking technology took centre stage.  As enthusiasts of Armoured Vehicle displays, this year’s conference was particularly special for us, marked by a dynamic collaboration with our partner, Getac.


At the heart of our showcase was an epic stand featuring an open architecture vehicle mock-up, designed to highlight a range of pivotal features.  One standout piece was the Getac UX10, equipped with a KME NVIS class A upgrade and fixed to a detachable mount.  This innovative setup allows for multipurpose use, enabling the device to be seamlessly removed from the vehicle for other tasks.  Imagine the flexibility this brings to the battlefield, enhancing operational efficiency.

Adding to the allure was a fully NVIS compliant display from KME, currently employed in another UK programme.  Displayed as a relaxed viewing interface for a machine gun with thermal sensor, this combination offers soldiers a remarkably low signature on the battlefield. Such advancements significantly contribute to increased survivability, a crucial aspect in modern peer on peer warfare.

Our stand was not just about hardware; it was a showcase of partnerships and integrations.  We were delighted to present a video interview between Jock Hewit, KME’s UK Sales Manager, and Phil Campion, ex-SAS operator and Getac brand ambassador.  Their insightful discussion can be found here.

Moreover, KME joined forces with Ultra PCS, incorporating the GVA software on a Getac UX10.  This integration allows the driver or commander access to familiar GVA features, enhancing the platform's capabilities. To delve deeper into this collaboration, watch the video interview between Sam Wills, KME’s VP of Sales and Marketing, and John Puddy, Ultra PCS Head of Rapid Technology Development here.

During the show, the KME team led a closed-door presentation and panel discussion with the MOD and selected primes.This provided an exclusive opportunity to explore the features showcased on our stand in greater detail, emphasising our commitment to technological advancements and collaborative engagement.

 IAV 2024 was undeniably a colossal success, and we invite anyone with an interest in armoured vehicles displays to reach out.  If there’s any way we can assist you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.