New Capability For KME Displays in Trial Report From Foxbury Solutions

Date: 4/12/2019


The next generation of sensor to screen capability was successfully trialled at the Armoured Trials and Development Unit (ATDU) over the period 10-28 Jun 19. This new capability included a latest generation 10-bit capable sensor from TNB that streamed live feed with a specific gamma correction setting to a 10-bit capable APC and KME display. 



The trial was deemed a success by both the UK MoD and Foxbury Solutions Ltd trials managers. The system proved that in comparison to the legacy in-service RWS, the system exceeded current crew DRI capability and provided a much clearer picture at all distances. This new DRI capability surpasses anything in service with current UK Land Forces. As a result, this step change means that crews will no longer have to rely on additional assets to DRI at greater ranges. Also of note is that the appetite for collateral damage is rightly low on current operations. The increased detail afforded by this new system allows the operator to make better informed decisions on engagements and so reduce the risk of collateral damage, particularly in time-critical situations. 

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