Starting with a blank sheet of paper, looking for a tailored solution?

At KME, we have a great approach that makes this fast and efficient.

With its modular approach to design, we are able to take off-the-shelf proven components parts and implement them in a bezel and button configuration that meets your requirements.

Our design approach:

A critical understanding of requirements, this often starts with either an initial meeting or conference call with supporting documentation.  This meeting is to understand your needs and to brief you as to the art of the possible.

A clear specification for development, all of our notes are shared with the customer to ensure that the plan and objectives are clear and that we have captured all your requirements correctly.

A project brief is prepared and agreed with the customer.

The design work is scheduled into a DEV plan in order to understand the time line involved in order to meet the agreed deadlines.

All drawings and designs are checked by the customer ahead of release to production.  For projects that require it, we are able to hold or attend Primary Design Reviews, Critical Design Reviews and Test Readiness Reviews at the customer’s request.

Quality assurance, component inspection reports, build guides and test reports are all available in a pre-agreed format at the end of the project.  We are also able to support environmental, EMC testing at the customer’s request.

We often find that a number of our customers initially find us when they are looking for a solution that isn’t currently available in the display market. We love a challenge so please make contact with us to start the design process by completing the below contact forms, or contacting us via the telephone.